Sunday, May 9, 2010

Totally Enthralled

How wonderful to have heard that my book, Diamonds, Gold and Ice Road Truckers has received an honorably mention and that I’ve been invited to the awards ceremony on Saturday 16 May.

The fortunate thing is that I am on my way to Vancouver for a week – as I type this – so the flight from Vancouver to San Francisco will only be a further 2 hours flight!   Who would have thought….

So I’m sat in the business lounge at the Edmonton Airport right now, waiting for my flight to Vancouver.  Why is it that the business lounges in Canada offer such awful stuff to eat?  I say “stuff” because I guarantee you that one can never call what I’ve put into my mouth so far food. 

It is highly annoying especially in the light that I fly business class and such flights cost a fortune.  The flight from Yellowknife to Edmonton has no business class seats so even though I’ve paid a fortune to get to Vancouver on “business class”, I sit in cattle class because the whole plane is cattle class… and, I might add… if I wanted to have any food I’d have to pay for it!  Nothing for nothing, hey.

Then to make matters worse, I get to the business lounge only to discover that the stuff put out on the counter is not fit for human consumption and besides that, who eats lettuce leaves with a glass of wine or beer?

It’s annoying to say the least, but that aside – because I won’t allow them to make me angry when I’m in a very excited mood…. Here I am on my way to Vancouver for a week of shopping, eating out and photography!

I wonder what order I should do all these wonderful tasks?  I guess eating is what I have to do first and last every day, right?  So that leaves photography and shopping… perhaps I will get a bit of exercises first by taking my camera for a walk every day and exercising it, then I can hit the shops to spoil myself for the lack of decent shopping facilities in Yellowknife.

It’s going to be awesome having the only stress of having to decide whether I should eat scallops for dinner or have some oysters… drink one glass of wine or two…. Take 100 photographs a day or 1000…. Buy one book to read or a suitcase full…..

Decisions, decisions… I’m already stressed!

Until the next installment…   Bon au revoir

~ Vanessa

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