Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writers Block of the Worst Kind

Whilst I love writing and have NEVER struggled to write anything, I have reached a point in my novel (for the past few months - and perhaps even longer than that...) where I seem to have got to a stale-mate.

A stale-mate?  Indeed.

I've come to this spot often, however whenever I get here I am dumbfounded and don't really wish to continue - not the way I'm going anyway.  So I joined NaNoWriMo, hoping to get enough encouragement to set me back on a pathway - full steam ahead.  I was encouraged... I loved reading everyone else's posts, loved giving advice, love the whole whirlwind of it all until I realized it was time to stop procrastinating and time to start moving beyond my first 28 chapters!

I could end it right there and be happy with it, however I have so much to say with so few words to say it with.  Ever reached a stale-mate like that?  Like, I know where I want the story to go, but when I write - and I'm talking writing freestyle... I seem to go off on a tangent (in the wrong direction).

So I stepped back - a few times.  I love the story though.  Love the style, when I read it back I can hardly believe that all those words came out of my mouth - so to speak....

I am not a romance writer.  I do not write erotica, so how come that always seems to creep in at every opportunity.  I've never read a romance novel in my life and yet my style of writing (novel writing) keeps reverting.

I wonder what will happen to Vincent - or what happened to him (since I'm bound to get there).  Surely he can't die, cause heartache and pain while Jessica battles it out on her own?  But that's not quite what I had in mind... because Jess is certainly no longer with Vince...

Should she continue the life of debauchery and smut, or will she turn into a high class act and save the day - her own day?  Time will tell I guess.

Where is professional help when you need it?

Perhaps it's time to start something fresh and new with a whole new angle, perhaps it's time for another holiday, perhaps it's just time to hang up the gloves and retire?  No way!  As I said before, time will tell.

It's only Monday after all.

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