Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of (Good) Friendships

Do you have a group of good friends you can count on?  Are your friends a diversion when there’s insurmountable stress piling up? 

The importance of good friends is a key to our happiness and having the right friends is even more important.

What are good friends?

Good friends are people who compliment us as human beings.  They share the same common interests as us and they care about our wellbeing.

They are a shoulder to cry on when we are sad, they are a listening ear when we need to vent our anger and they are content to sit quietly in our presence when we don’t feel like talking.

When we need a helping hand, it is our friends who are the first to offer their advice.  They respect us along with rendering a degree of service when in crises.

Friends are not jealous, they do not stand in our way of success or put us down when we are doing well.  They don’t deliberately hurt us or say things that will harm us.  They don’t mislead us and they don’t lie to us.

If you have good friendships and good friends, hang onto them.  Tell them how special they are and make them feel good, because together you are great!

If you don’t have a friend you can count on, you will be lonely and unhappy but most of all you will be missing out on all the special things that friends do together.

Go out and enjoy your time with your friends, live happily, laugh much and most importantly, share the love and enjoyment of each other.

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