Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Isle of Capri

I remember when I was a child at junior school at a school play, we used to sing a song about the Isle of Capri. As I recall, it was a love song but I no longer remember the words; something about meeting my love on the Isle of Capri!

I certainly didn't meet my love on the island, but I did fall in love WITH the island. It's certainly a very charming spot. I have a feeling it would have had a lot more charm, had my driver allowed me to actually do a spot of shopping! His form of serious shopping is window shopping, whereas mine involves going into the shops, looking at the stuff, feeling it, touching it and then ultimately purchasing it. That's what I'm talking about... Sadly my day for shopping has still not arrived, but I'm a patient gal - to a point. I'm about to lose my cool though.

This morning we changed hotels and took a tour to the Island of Capri. Our hotel owner called our tour guide and asked them to fetch us by boat at the foot of our hotel so once to climbed to the bottom of the stairs we had a short wait and then our boat arrived.

There were six of us on the tour and our guide was fantastic. He took us to places that most people would never take a boat to, including driving the boat into caves and almost touching the rocks on the sides!

A lot of our information was delivered in Italian - for some reason some of these people speak to me in Italian and think I am understanding every word they say. I think my blank stare has failed me. So our tour guide explained a lot of what we were seeing in Italian and I was doing my own interpretation, which may or may not be dangerous!

Our tour included a trip to the Faraglioni rocks, the marina Piccola, the White Grotto, Villa Malaparte, the Green Grotto and the Azzurra Grotto. When we arrived at Capri, we were dropped off and told that we had four hours to explore the island - we rented another scooter - there's no better way to explore than to rent a scooter.

We rode to the other side of the island to marina Piccola to a quiet restaurant where I had my very first real Italian Pizza. I've been dying to try this out and finally today was the day. I've always enjoyed pizza, but today the pizza tasted nothing like I am used to. The crust was thin, soft and melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

When my pizza arrived I didn't think I would be able to finish mine at all - they were huge! But to my delight and utter surprise, I was able to eat it all up. Not because I was hungry - there was a tiny element of hunger, not because I was a pig - there was an element of that too, but because it was so good I couldn't stop eating. The other reason is that the pizza is not as filling or as "heavy" as I am used to.

We drove around the entire island on our bike. My driver sometimes thinks he is on the Autobahn and I'm not impressed but I'm not complaining at all, I don't really want to have to walk to some of the places we've been able to take the bike to.

My driver has discovered that he is rather partial to Lemoncilla! Lemoncilla is the liquour made from lemons right here in Italy. While we've already tasted and enjoyed and purchased some Lemoncilla, my driver went into a shop today, looked at the yellow "stuff" in those lovely decrotave bottles and enquired what it was. The beauty behind the counter was very surprised that he hadn't seen it before and asked him how long he has been in Italy. He was vague and told her we had "just" arrived. She then asked if he wanted to try some of the lemon drops and he first pulled his nose up then acted as if he might as well try it given this is the first time he's seen it.

She was very proud of her Lemoncilla and poured us each a shot glass. I'm not too keen on it myself so I handed mine to my driver who drank both portions, pulling a face as though he hated it. The beauty wanted to know if he was interested in purchasing a bottle but he said he could never buy something he disliked as much as that! You've got to give it to him, he organized two free shots!

We are now snug in our new hotel, another gem right on the ocean. In the short space of time I've been sitting here I've already seen a few dolphin, a whale and a cruise ship go by.

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