Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Are you a mother?  If you're on this earth, you have a mother - or have had a mother.

Have you stopped to ponder about what your mother has done for you in your life?  As a child growing up, I certainly took my mum for granted.  I never stopped to think about who washed my clothes, who made my bed every day, who cooked my meals and who nursed me when I wasn't feeling well.

I forgot to think about the support I got when I was at school, studying.  I forgot about who would sit up with me late into the night asking me questions before exam time.  

I never had to question where my support group started.  I never had to question who my biggest fan was, my mum was always just that.

And now it is my turn.  Perhaps I wasn't the greatest mum, but I wanted to be the greatest friend.  It was always difficult balancing support, discipline, unconditional love and teaching a valuable lesson, which was to have good - sound morals and values.

Sadly kids aren't born with a manual, and we can't re-boot them when they get stuck with something or go down the wrong pathway.  As parents we have to watch in agony as our kids bump their heads.  We may give advice but sometimes the timing is wrong.

I believe the foundation is incredibly important.  If our kids go off the rails they'll eventually get back on track.  Our duty as parents is to guide and help prevent the train smash.  Sometimes we're successful - it's all trial and error.

Happy Mothers Day to all those mums who have tried and failed, or tried and succeeded.  Being a mum is both rewarding and agonizing, but there's never a dull moment!

~ Vanessa

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