Friday, May 27, 2011

Spoleto and Assisi

Today was another one of those very fine days!

This morning early we left Tuscany and headed south towards Rome again. We want to explore Rome in greater detail, so will need as much time there as possible, however not too much, since we do not want to spoil ourselves.

My driver was feeling the worst he's ever felt in his life, he told me, so we took it quite easy.

On the way south to a place we marked out in our map book called Spoleto, we stopped off at a place called Assisi - this little village is a world heritage site, and one can see why. It is beautifully preserved and well taken care of.

Again, one cannot drive into the village so one has to park, pay and the walk into the village. I shit you not, we arrived just at the beginning of siesta - again. This is driving me insane.

Assisi represents an ensemble of masterpieces of human creative genius, such as the Basilica of San Francesco, which have made it a fundamental reference for art history in Europe and the world. if only the walls could speak, they would have so many stories to tell.

We walked around the village and then found a restaurant so that we could have lunch - might as well, since we weren't going to spend any other money. The Romans built these villages in ingenious ways. All pathways are rounded and because of this, they seem to catch the wind and the wind in turn blows through these allies creating a cool temperature throughout. The buildings are all incredibly cool inside. One also spends a lot of time walking and climbing - thank goodness for good walking shoes.

After Assisi, we drove to our final destination for the day, Spoleto.

Spoleto is another medieval village, which was built entirely in the 12th century. My driver and I took a walk up to the Rocca Albornoziana, the local castle. The castle is magnificent and a lot of the original paintings have been preserved. The walk up to the castle is not pleasant for a girl like me with all the heat, carrying heavy camera gear and most of my valuables, but there is an escalator which makes it much easier - we only found this on our way back.

By the time we walked back to the village, siesta was coming to an end and I was starting to get a little excited, however my driver hated everything he saw and put me off everything again. I think from tomorrow I will insist that the driver and George spend the day together while I get some serious retail therapy underway.

My driver is too sick to eat dinner tonight and far too sick to go out either, so while the sun sets, I sit at my little window in my hotel room like Snow White waiting for the sand man to visit me.

Goodnight children!

~ Vanessa

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