Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sydney, Australia

I love that one can hop on a plane, have a glass of champagne (or two..), read, watch a movie, or sleep and after a few hours get off and be in a new destination with such excitement looming and so much to do. Ones only limiting fact is oneself!

I've recently returned to my home town, Sydney, Australia with a sad heart because I've had to leave the most wonderful friends behind, but with an excitement in my belly because a new challenge and adventure lie ahead of me.

I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world that I am able to travel so much, experience different cultures and awake to new experiences almost daily. I love how different each country is and how each culture sets us all apart and makes us each the individuals that we are.

Sydney is a huge multicultural city with a unique vibrance on the streets. The hustle and bustle on the sidewalks is one of excitement and awe, our magical city doesn't need bright lights to wake it up, it doesn't need expensive advertising to attract international or national visitors, it's natural beauty and amazing architecture set the scene.

After a flight of more that 15 hours from Vancouver, we were greeted by sunshine and 19 degrees celsius weather. A friendly Scottsman collected us from the airport and transported us to our front door.

We deposited our luggage, freshened up and took a walk to the shopping center close to home, but not before stopping off at the best coffee shop Sydney has to offer. Pattison's Patisserie not only has the best coffee in town, but the best pastries and the best service! 

I had a large cafe latte, while my driver ordered a large black coffee. We also treated ourselves to an Aussie meat pie each. The coffees each cost $4.60 and the meat pies were $5.50 each - a rather expensive delight, however one has to realise that the cost of living in Sydney is rather high, so these prices are to be expected.

We returned home after buying the essentials at the shopping center and then did a spot of unpacking. We won't be staying in our house for long because we will be leaving at the end of next week for our drive up to Brisbane, which is where we will settle for the next while.

Formal Lounge Room and Dining

My gardener cleaned up the back yard, while I dusted the inside of the house and turned on the heaters.

Today I will take my sports car out for a drive to the beaches, stop off for a meal at a seafood restaurant and bask in the sunshine. It's great to be back home!

~ Vanessa

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