Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Law of Attraction

Have you ever had a situation whereby you were either in conversation with someone about a random topic, or you were reading a book about a random topic only to discover a couple of days later that that very same topic comes up in a different form?  And when that happens you instinctively think; “Gee, what a coincident I was just reading or just talking about that.”

Where does that come from?  Is it a coincident?  Perhaps.  I believe in coincidence if something happens once, but if it seems to happen over and over again then surely it can no longer be a coincidence?

One day I was at a dinner party with a whole group of people.  We were each given a number on entry and then had to sit at the seat that held the number on the piece of paper we had drawn. The significance of this is that on entry you were guaranteed that you would not sit next to your partner because your numbers would be totally different.

I sat across from a very interesting man.  After breaking the ice with some really trivial topics like the weather and what each of us did for a living, we got onto more interesting topics.  I asked my new friend where he was from and as soon as he began to talk I saw his eyes light up and his body language changed completely.

He was bouncing on his chair and his eyes were sparkling as he told me about the place he had been living in.  He spoke of the incredible beauty of this place in the summer months and the enormous array of things to do on a daily basis.  He mentioned that as an adventurist, this place was fantastic and the adventures were endless.

I couldn’t help being drawn in, even though at times I felt he might have been embellishing somewhat.  He spoke freely and easily and everything he said was intriguing and exciting and I couldn’t help wishing for a lifestyle like that or being able to live in a place like that.

That night with the same sparkle in my eyes, I relayed the story to my husband who had been sitting at a table with someone else who was not nearly as intriguing as my dinner date.  I spoke about how much I’d love to live right there where this man had been living and how I’d love that lifestyle.  Of course my husband had agreed with me but gently mentioned that it was almost impossible to get to a place like that and then of course, once there what the hell do you do to keep yourself alive?

About five years ago, I remember having dinner with my husband’s boss discussing the future.  He asked me what my ambition was and what my long term and short-term plans were.  Trolling through my mind, I remembered this place that I discussed so extensively with my dinner partner a few years before and told this man that although I know this is something that would never happen, I would love for us to live in a place like this.  I mentioned the places name and discovered that this man had not only never heard of this place, but he didn’t even know where it was on the globe!  I excitedly recounted my memories of the conversation I had had at the dinner party all those years back and ended by telling him that this is actually where I’d love to spend some of my years.

In the meantime, my husband flew to Korea on a business trip and bought an adventure book to read on the plane.  When he returned from his trip, he told me that I would never believe what book he had read while he was away.  It turned out that the book he was reading was all about the surrounding area of the place I had been telling everyone that I’d love to live in one day.

Surely the laws of attraction were at work all this time because one day very soon after his trip to Korea, my husband got the call from his boss offering him a job in Yellowknife, Canada.  The exact place my dinner date had discussed with me, and the exact area that was in the book my husband had read on his way to Korea. 

Coincidence or law of attraction?  Have you had a similar thing happen to you where the law of attraction has worked in the background to line everything up for you?  If so what is your story?

~ Vanessa 

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