Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hahndorf, South Australia

Located approximately 30 minutes drive outside of Adelaide City, Hahndorf is a quaint little town of German influence.

Hahndorf was founded in 1838 by Captain Dirk Meinhertz Hahn, who arrived by a ship named "Zebra" with 188 passengers and their belongings, plus crew.  The ship carried 100 barrels of pork, 100 barrels of flour, 65 barrels of fresh water, 17 hogheads of beer and vinegar, 14 barrels of herring, two boxes of boots and shoes and 40,924 bricks.

The immigrants loved the land so much and noticed how incredibly fertile it was so they decided to stay on.  The rest, as they say, is history!

Today, Hahndorf is very similar to what it was like back then and one can still see the architecture of the original surviving buildings.  The main street is filled with hotels, restaurants, galleries, gourmet food outlets and a large variety of accommodation.

Authentic German food is sold in Hahndorf, as well as Australian and European Cuisine.  The gourmet coffee shops also sell a variety of decadent cakes and desserts.

The Hahndorf Inn Hotel was built in 1863 and has retained most of its original features.  The Hahndorf Inn features classic German cuisine and pub style favourites in a cosy rustic setting.  For those interested in tasting the German beer, they serve beer by the litre and for a little extra one can purchase the glass as a momento!  Be sure to book a table if you are traveling a distance to get there because they are extremely popular and one will have to wait quite a while to get a table during peak times.

Because the Hahndorf Inn is a German hotel, they will be celebrating October Fest during the Labour Day weekend in Australia.  If you live around these parts or if  you're going to be there during the festivities, then make sure you pop in for a beer and to say "hi" to the locals.

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