Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obsessions: Are you Obsessed? defines an obsession as: fixation; consumption with belief, desire.

Today, people are becoming more and more obsessed with all kinds of things, be it their looks, their weight or even their success in life.  Society seems to focus on everything being perfect.  If we don’t have the perfect features or perfect weight then we begin to feel miserable and self-loathing sets in.

For psychologists today, we seem to spend a lot of time trying to build people up after they have become fixated with things like their looks or weight.  Let’s face it, no one likes to be overweight and no one likes to feel the burden of feeling ugly, but sadly the more society obsesses with looks and weight, the less we will be able to shirk off the feelings of inadequacy we have.

Let me ask you something; do you contribute to the problems society has with these issues or are you part of a minority group who seriously try to help others in their endeavors of getting over their psychological issues?

Seriously, if you’ve overcome something, stop obsessing about it!  The more you harp on about the topic the more you are obsessing.  Don’t you get it?  How can one on the one hand say that one has no issues with their weight or looks but on the other hand continue to rattle on about the fact that now they are able to eat ice cream every day or splurge on a decadent dessert?

Do they seriously think that by continuously talking about this that there is no obsession?  Obsessions, whether they are seen as good or bad (incidentally there are no good obsessions, because obsessions in itself are not good, it is balance we are after) are called obsessions for the simple fact that they cause people to be fixated on something.  When we become fixated we begin to draw on background noises, which are the negatives of the fixation and soon our minds are poisoned by bad thoughts and obsessions.

If you’re serious about overcoming something like a weight issue then stop obsessing about it and start doing something positive.  Take small steps towards your goal, if you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world.

Be authentic with yourself and others about how you are doing but stop obsessing.  Stop talking about how you’re going to lose weight or how you are now able to eat hamburgers or desserts and move on.  If you harp on about this you will never move on and never heal your mind.

~  Vanessa

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