Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bula Fiji !

As soon as I arrive at my resort of choice, I am spoilt and feel like royalty.  The fragrant smell of coconut fills the air as two incredibly friendly Fijian ladies greet me at the mini van that has transferred me from the local airport to my resort.  One takes me by the hand and leads me into a cool, sparsely decorated lounge room, where I see a basin of water on the floor and a very welcome comfortable couch.  

My guide has deposited me onto the couch and tells me to put my feet into the basin of cold water.  I look around me surreptitiously to make sure she is talking to me and no one else, and then I make myself comfortable on the couch and deposit my feet into the basin.

My guide sits on the floor opposite me and immediately begins to wash my feet.  She has a bowl of crushed coconut next to her, which she uses as her scrub.  My eyes roll into the back of my head as I begin to feel the pleasure of being spoilt like this, and before I have time to breath out, she is washing my legs too!  The first thought that comes to mind is:  Thank god I shaved my legs!  I'd be mortified if she were forced to plough her way through the neglected hairs just a day earlier.

After the big scrub, she pours coconut oil onto my legs and feet and thoroughly massages it into my skin.  I cringe as I feel the tension begin to release in bursts of pain, but I refuse to say anything for fear that she may stop.  After about 15 minutes, I feel revived and refreshed and ready to listen to the other Fijian lady who joined in my welcome.  This lady hands me a registration form and the evening’s menu - I get to choose my dinner right there and then!

After registration, I am taken to my Bure, which is an ocean view cottage, strategically positioned in the tranquility of the trees and privately hidden from the walking track.

The Bure is bright and cool and beautifully decorated.  There's beautiful Hibiscus flowers placed on the edge of the bed, in the bathroom and in the shower.

With only a four-hour flight from Sydney, Australia, Fiji is definitely a worthwhile place to visit and as you read my blogs that will follow, you will discover the beauty within an island, which has now become quite accessible to holidaymakers from close and far.  You will discover the friendliness of the locals and the unique mix of tourists who gravitate to these parts.

I’m in Savusavu and were it not for my constantly pinching myself, I would have believed that I had died and gone to heaven.  This place truly is amazing.

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~  Vanessa

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  1. I think I may have missed something. So, you're travelling the world? Alone?

    Anyway, Fiji sounds absolutely glorious. I've never been there but I'm sure after reading your future posts combined with this one I may just have to put it on my to-do list.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    Shelley xxx