Friday, June 8, 2012

Krabi, Thailand

Sawaddee Ka,

The past 24 hours have been incredible.  There have been torrential rains and the weather has been wild.

We arrived in Krabi yesterday to flooding and mayhem.  The winds were strong and the rain was pouring down in sheets!  Houses along the way to our resort were being washed away with the floods, vehicles were tied onto trees to keep them from washing down the swollen river.  Our driver seemed unperturbed, mind you he couldn't speak much English so I imagine it would have been difficult to explain to us what was going on.

We were taken to a welcome area where we were told that due to the extreme weather we were not able to go out to our resort by boat but that we would have to walk a fair distance over the mountain on the Monkey Trail.  It sounded adventurous, although it was pouring with rain and neither of us were wearing hiking gear!  

We were told to wait in the lobby area for approximately 15 minutes since they were expecting another couple to arrive.  The four of us were then piled into a mini bus with our hand luggage and told that the driver would take us as far as the Monkey Trail.  Once we had reached the Monkey Trail someone from the resort would meet us there and walk over the mountain with us.

We were driven down a muddy narrow pathway until the mini bus could go no further.  There was a girl waiting for us when we climbed out of the bus.  She informed us that she would lead the way.

The Monkey Trail is your worst nightmare, I kid you not!  It is a narrow winding wooden structure along the side of the mountain that has no handrails in parts and is slippery as hell.  If one takes a wrong step and slips, one will fall down the mountain and that will be it.  Did I mention that there are a few shrines along the pathway - adding insult to injury?  I kid you not.

One of the other guests was wearing high heel shoes and instead of taking them off, she crept along the pathway at a snails pace.  I was behind her, so was thankful that she set the pace.  Ahead of us was a maintenance man with a hammer and long nails in his hands.  He was repairing the walkway as we were walking.  Some of the walkway had been washed away by the torrential rains.

The walk was immensely difficult and my legs were shaking from exhaustion.  The rain was pouring down and the algae on the narrow wooden walkway made the walk even more treacherous.  The walk was about a kilometer and in places, our guide held my hand offering absolutely no comfort since she was much smaller than I, and if I slipped and fell there was no way she'd be able to save me.  In addition, if she slipped and fell, she take me right down with her!

When we climbed over the mountain and down the other side, our resort lay waiting for us like a gleaming gem.  The torrential rains and extreme seas have washed away much of the beach and most of the walkway.  The waves were crashing up against the outside bar and sandbags that were strategically placed along the sidewalk to protect the resort were strewn across the broken pathway.

We were greeted in the lobby by a number of little Thai girls holding ice cold face cloths out to us and glasses of champagne - I had a feeling I might have fallen off the monkey trail and this was my introduction to the after-life!  It was a welcome start and whether it was the start of the after-life or a continuation of the current life, I was not about to complain.

Check in was a breeze and we were then taken to our villa in a golf buggy - just as well because there was no way I'd be able to climb anymore.  We were able to shower and wash off all the mud from our climb and then it was time to hit the bar for a couple of adult beverages to induce relaxation.

We went to the beachside bar for a continuation of champagne for moi and something equally tantalizing for my companion and met up with a bunch of delightful Germans.  There was no sunset - only torrential rain.  We had no need to get dressed up for the restaurant or even make a booking - we ordered wood fired pizza from the bar.

At some point after midnight, together with the Germans, we decided to get our bodies into the sea.  We wet our feet only because the sea was far too rough to swim in.  We walked onto the jetty that was bouncing up and down in waves.  We crawled back to solid ground.

All in all, our first day in Krabi was awesome.  Let's face it, it's not for the feint hearted.  It poured with rain all night but today the sun has come out in bursts.

The boats have not been operating due to the rough seas, but at lunch time during a reprieve in the weather, a couple of boats came in to pick up and deliver people to the resort.  Our only way out to the village or anywhere else is over the mountain on the monkey trail, which I refuse to do while it's still raining.  This is a good thing because we've been forced to relax.

We have two deck chairs on our balcony overlooking the ocean and we've spent a few hours lounging around reading.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - weather wise.  I'm looking forward to going to see the Elephants and doing a jungle walk! 

But for now it's time for a sundowner with our new found German friends.

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~  Vanessa

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