Saturday, June 9, 2012

Krabi Village

Sawaddee Ka,

Let me not kid you, we're having a blast in Thailand!  I'm so impressed, since I certainly didn't expect it to be as good as its been.

Our five star resort is fantastic and the staff are really great.  Yesterday it rained for most of the day, so the big guy and I spent most of the day at the beach pub chatting with the staff and getting free language lessons.  

The guy behind the bar makes the most delicious pizza and I must admit if I close my eyes and take a bite, I almost feel like I'm back in Italy.  I think I had three pizzas yesterday!

We had booked into the Thai restaurant for dinner at 7:00 pm last night, but the big guy thought it was a little too early, so we rocked up fashionably late at 8:30 pm and for some reason our names were no longer on the list.  They could apparently accommodate us, but when we looked around, most of the patrons looked like they were attending a wake instead of eating a delightful meal, so I opted for pizza instead - hence three pizzas for the day. 

Last night we sat talking with one of the locals and he was telling us that he makes jewellery.  He showed us his wedding band and told us that he had made it, then he said he was going to make me one!  He measured my wedding finger and with great excitement and enthusiasm, told me that he would bring it to me in a couple of days.  I wonder if he thinks we are going to get married?  Oh well, let's just wait and see...

I can't describe how awesome it was today.  For one, the sun came out and it was hot as hell.  We had breakfast early, then when we saw that the boats were operating again, we booked a trip into town. 

The boat experience is classic.  From the moment one gets onto the moving jetty to the time the boat takes off, it's exhilarating.  The sea was still pretty rough this morning and all those going on the boat had to be escorted onto the boat.  I had a strapping young gentleman holding onto my arm to make sure that I didn't fall into the sea.  He didn't really prop me up and I'm sure that if I had fallen over he would not have been able to save me.

The waves were pretty high and those who were going to the airport got soaked - including their suitcases, by a couple of freak waves.  I'm glad no one got sea sick, I was watching the big fella carefully because I was convinced he'd be the first to get sick but he was okay.

We got dropped off about two kilometers outside of town.  We could choose to catch a taxi - a motorbike with a little cart or walk into town.  We chose to walk because our staff last night told us it would be an experience.  It certainly was because the heat was so extreme we had to stop at a few street cafes to rehydrate ourselves.

At midday it rained a little so we found a Thai/Indian/Italian/seafood restaurant (I kid you not) and had our lunch.  The big guy had a Thai curry and yours truly had a pizza for a change!

Krabi village is very colorful and vibrant.  The Thai ladies line the streets offering massages, peticures And pretty much whatever you like!  I'm not quite sure whether the massages they offer are the same kind that I'm used to, because I'm not quite sure how they'd do massage one on the streets - I also wonder if ... Never mind, it's best left unsaid... 

One can still smell that same old foul smell that is so prevalent on the streets in Bangkok and this certainly doesn't deter the street vendors who park their mobile motorbike food stalls along the side of the roads barbecuing fish or chicken wings on skewers.

Krabi village has a mix of authentic Thai restaurants, street vendors and American fast food outlets.  We had a choice of Starbucks, Mac Donald's, Burger King or Subways, or if we were a little more adventurous, we could choose from Russian food to just about any other food from around the world.

We caught a taxi back to the boat Harbour, although it's not really a boat Harbour, it's just a bunch of long tail boats pulled up on the beach.  Our boat was waiting to take us back to our resort.

All in all it was a fantastic day today, and we're about to meet up with our German friends at the pub.  It's a perfect evening and I'm sure the sunset will be awesome.

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~  Vanessa

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