Thursday, June 14, 2012

Monkeys Galore!

One thing - as an animal lover - that I'd highly recommend is going to the monkey show.  The monkey show is actually part of the snake show too, but the highlight for me was not the snakes at all.

The big guy and I caught the boat into Ao Nang, then caught a motor bike taxi to the place where the monkeys are - about 20 minutes out of town.  He waited for us while we went into the show and when it was over, he took us back into town.

The monkey show was delightful, they had a selection of monkeys who had been trained to do different things.  One rode a bicycle, and one would do many different poses.

At the end of the show, we were able to take photographs while holding the monkeys.  

After the monkey show, we were ushered to a different part of the property, where the lady-boy put on a show for us with a few Cobra snakes and a few other very dangerous snakes.  If you are that way inclined, you can get the lady-boy to teach you the formula of how to handle the snakes without them biting you.

For the remainder of the day, we walked around Ao Nang.  The weather has been incredibly hot and humid, and not really good for much more besides sitting next to the ocean drinking adult beverages, even swimming is a little too strenuous!

We decided to walk back to our resort via the monkey trail - this time there was no bad weather and the steps were not wet and slippery.  No matter how you do it, or what the weather is like, the monkey trail is not easy.  Incidentally, the resort staff walk this trail twice a day - going to and from work!

Our German friends left the resort today, so it was sad to have to say goodbye.  We've made many friends though and of course the staff have been amazing too.  Most nights have been spent sitting at the ocean bar socializing with the staff and other guests.  On occasion we've gone down to the Blue Bar, where the big guy would play a couple of soccer games on the Wii with the staff.

Today is beach care day at the resort.  Most of the staff are involved in cleaning the beach after all the bad weather we had when we arrived.  There has been a lot of debris wash up on shore over the past few days, including bits of glass, concrete and wooden slats from broken walkways. 

This morning a team of men were restoring the banks of the resort, and last night the sea started to bring back the beach sand.  The resort is starting to look awesome again.

It's another day in paradise!

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~  Vanessa

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