Friday, September 13, 2013

If It's Good Enough For Elvis, Then It's Good Enough For Me!

#56 King's Cottage, was Elvis Presley's residence when in Hawaii. 

Of course Elvis Presley was alive way before my time, but I do recall the ritualistic yearly silence paid to him out of respect for at least a decade after his passing.  Woman would silently shed a tear when they heard his songs on the radio and I'd look away, albeit briefly, but then I'd just as soon glance back surreptitiously to observe whether the tears were in fact genuine, or merely attention seeking.  They always seemed to be the former, which certainly confirms that Elvis was an amazing man.  His musical ability was supreme, and his gyrating moves caused a stir, which was not necessarily a good stirring in some circles, but it got the tongues wagging.

Nevertheless, today, Elvis still has a huge following and his dance moves are now pretty sublime, given the latest twerking behaviours by famous pop stars, the outrageous dress sense that some of them possess, and the lengths that some go to in order to gain publicity.

There's no doubt in my mind that the King, Elvis Presley, was treated like royalty, and fair enough, he deserved it all because he was the man!  When filming his movie, Blue Hawaii in 1961, the Coco Palms Resort became immensely famous after Elvis was given the prime cabin to reside in for the duration that he was there.  When the resort opened on January, 25 1953, the Coco Palms was a mere 24 room resort, but with a little fame, and some expanding, the 2000 strong coconut tree plantation resort grew to contain 416 rooms by mid 1970.

Sadly on September 11, 1992 the Coco Palms Resort was devastated, along with many other properties on the island, by Hurricane Iniki.  Today, most of the resort is exactly as it was after the category 4 hurricane made landfall.  The bar area is dusty, however, the odd chair and table still remain.  Bedrooms are still as they were back then, minus some windows and decor, which were destroyed by nature.  The King's Cottage, #56, is still intact and is being restored to look exactly as it did when Elvis resided here.

In 2014, a demolition squad will arrive to bulldoze most of what is here and a new Coco Palms Resort will be rebuilt.  The goal is to open the 350 to 390 unit resort in late 2015 to early 2016.

As you can see, I'm on the Garden Island of Kauai.  It's the start of my round-the-world trip, so in the next few months you can expect to see more posts about destinations and fabulous places to stay.

For those of you who thought that Elvis is just a distant memory, take comfort in the fact that here, he's still very much alive and well, and his memory will live on in the local people's hearts forever.


~ Vanessa