About My Book

Australian Author and avid traveler Vanessa M. Truter invites readers to witness the beauty of Yellowknife through pictorial delights

Yellowknife, Canada – November 19, 2009 – Australian Author, Vanessa M. Truter has given herself a three-year period to discover nature’s best in Yellowknife, the Diamond Capital of Canada. In a brief period, she has witnessed just that—a lush environment and culture that renewed her hunger to travel and explore the world’s majesty. In Diamonds, Gold and Ice Road Truckers: A Photographic Tour of Canada's Gateway To The Arctic, readers are invited to witness her journey of discovery through a compilation of pictorial delights.

Truter describes her home environment in Yellowknife as a “beautiful oasis with rolling hills, vast waterways, and beautiful Alpine forests.”  Awed by its beauty, she creates this book; featuring Yellowknife’s captured magnificence in full-color photographs and interesting information that any traveler would enjoy.

From its location and topography, population and local culture, environment and weather, to wildlife and vegetation, this book has it all. The array of nature and local life photographs gives enough visualization to readers, inviting them to witness its beauty firsthand. Through this book, Truter hopes that people with nomadic spirits would plunge into vast, raw, and promising experiences that travel and exploration offers.

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