About Me

I am the girl from next door, the one you didn't really notice.  I kept to myself, did an enormous amount of daydreaming and became an avid armchair traveller.

I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, although I often wished this could be the case.  I had a dream, and my dream was to escape this world, to better myself and to go to places that few people had been to.

I wanted to be the silent dynamo.  The person who was achieving while others were playing around or pretending to be what they weren't.  I believe in the concept show don't tell.

I have managed to achieve many of my dreams and aspirations and continue to realize many more each day.  I've overcome adversity, illness, challenging situations and continue to strive for what I call "a-better"; a better life, a better education, a better quality of living, a better understanding of other people and their needs, a better person I want to be, a better opportunity for myself and others.

I'm now no longer that avid armchair traveller, instead I now pick a destination I wish to go to, plan around it, choose the best time and book my ticket!

I find it incredibly rewarding to learn about other cultures and other countries.  We are all such unique beings and whilst we may look very similar from the outside, we are all totally different with different beliefs and a different outlook.

If you're an avid armchair traveller or an avid traveller, join me as I travel the globe and share my stories with you.  Leave a comment if you like, they are always welcome.

Now sit back, relax and let's go on vacation!